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Skiing area Val d'Isère/Tignes


The skiing area Val d'Isère/Tignes is a French skiing area with certain snow conditions. The skiing area is covering from 3450 to 10550 meters altitude. Also a glacier is located in this region. 133 pistes with 300 km length can be used. The skiing area of this region is famous under the name "Espace Killy". This name comes from the skiing areas of the two villages Val d'Isère and Tignes and the triple Olympic winner of Grenoble, Jean-Claude Killy.
This region was getting famous through the making of the alpine competitions of the Olympic winter games in the year 1992 of Albertville. Since that, this region is one of the most beautiful and many-sided skiing areas world-wide and is much frequented of persons doing winter sports.
"Espace Killy" is also famous for a excellent infrastructure of the ski lifts and of the combined areas of Val d'Isère and Tignes. All in all in this region are 10.000 ha piste available, which distribute to a difference in altitude of 2000 meters. Also snowboarders are very welcome in this area: a 35.000 qm large snowpark is free of use.
A special quality in this skiing area it the famous "Funival". This is a floating train, which move half under the earth and half on the earth. Persons doing winter sports came to Val d'Isère in only 4 1/2 minutes length of the trip to the mountain "Bellvarde". And there expect you the famous Olympic downhill run of 1992, the "Face de Bellvarde", which goes with at some stages really frightening falls in the valley. The second mountain of Val d'Isère is the Solaise. This mountain is very famous because of his extreme hunchbacked ski runs by all persons doing active winter sports.

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